How does it work


Direct and open communication with the Centres' collaborators or teaching staff involved is often the most effective way to solve problems or suggest improvements.

Electronic suggestions box

But maybe you are under the impression that your suggestion for improvement does not receive the attention it deserves. Or you do not know whom to turn to with a certain complaint or suggestion for improvement. Then, the electronic suggestions box is the best way to make sure your question is treated with the utmost care.

If you prefer to raise a problem anonymously, you can do so at the Ombuds Office of the Centre for Student Counselling and Guidance.

Quick response

Not later than one month after you notified the authorised staff member of the problem, an answer to your complaint or suggestion for improvement will be given.

Please contact the Quality Management Coordinator if this is not the case.

Paul Garré
Campus Stormstraat
02-210 13 11
02-217 64 64

If you have any questions, please contact Els Alaerts.


For information on the treatment of complaints regarding exams, students should contact a collaborator of the Ombuds Office.