What do you need to do if you…


 would like to participate in the feedback sessions of your exams?

Feedback session with your lecturer:
On Toledo, in your programme community, you can find out when the feedback sessions of your examinations take place.

Feedback session with your learning path coach:
If you would like to discuss your overall results and study progress, you can contact your learning path coach.

decide to apply a tolerance?

For advice on applying tolerances you can contact your learning path coach.

Starting from the day on which the exam results are announced, you have 15 calendar days to register tolerances in your study progress file/ tab tolerances. After this period your study progress file will be closed.

It is possible to re-register for the new academic year before you have applied your tolerances.
This allows you to take the time to think about your decision and possibly seek advice from your learning path coach. You do however need to finalize your tolerances before you can register your ISP for the next academic year.

would like to re-register for the next academic year?

From when onwards can you re-register?

At the earliest on the 12th of September (after your results are announced) you will receive an invitation by e-mail to re-register for 2017-2018

How to re-register?

Open the re-registration application via the student portal student.odisee.be > My Admin > Re-registration. Go through all the steps in the re-registration application.

Exception: in the following cases, you need to reregister via https://odisee.be/ under the ‘Register’ tab.

  • if during the academic year 2016-2017 you only registered with a credit contract
  • if during the academic year 2016-2017 you deregistered at our institution

What happens after the re-registration?

Once you have finalized your re-registration you will receive, via email in your studentmailbox (first name. last name@student.odisee.be), three attestations confirming your registration (for the purchase of a season ticket from the NMBS, MIVB, …) as well as an invoice for the fixed part of your tuition fee and/or any other fee required for registration. If you are not a scholarship student, you will receive a second invoice for the variable part of the tuition fee, based on the actual number of credits you have taken up, once your Individual Study Programme (ISP) has been approved.

If you would like an attestation for the purchase of a season ticket from De Lijn (public transport by bus, metro & tram in Flanders), you can request one by sending an email to the Student Administrative Services Centre.

More information regarding welcome days, the start of the academic year, the purchase of course materials, the registration of your individual study programme (ISP),… can be found on student.odisee.be under the header “Study”.

Because of environmental reasons, all further communication will happen via the student portal (Odiseemail, KU Loket, Toledo).

Want a short overview?

Feedback sessions examinations:

  • Toledo > Programme community > Announcements

Applying tolerances:

  • Via the student portal student.odisee.be> My Admin> My Results> My study progress file> Tolerances
  • Within 15 days after your examination results are announced

Registering for the new academic year:

  • Via the student portal student.odisee.be> My Admin> Re-registration
  • Once the September examination results are announced, from the 12th of September 2017 onwards

Additional questions?

The employees of the Student Administrative Services Centre will gladly help you.

Student portal student.odisee.be>  Campus > Campus Brussels > Student Administrative Services Centre

Campus Brussel: sa@odisee.be