Deviations from course descriptions


Being a student, you can consult the study information of a course in the ‘ECTS sheets’. Per course you will find a concise survey of the programme contents, the learning path and the teaching method, the evaluation condition and the course material.

If, in exceptional situations (e.g. on the basis of qualifications and/or competences already acquired), an individual student and a lecturer agree to deviate from one or more headings in the ECTS sheet, both parties are able to confirm this agreement using the form ‘Departures from ECTS rules’.
The student can collect this form at the Student Administrative Services Centre or he can find it on Lecturers can download this form from Intranet.

This form mentions the course, the lecturer, the student, the agreed definitions and the signature of the student and the lecturer involved. Students who study at the Faculty of Education, Health Care and Social Work also need the signature of the faculty coordinator. After signing the document, the student needs to hand it over to the Student Administrative Services Centre; they will give a copy to the Centre for Student Counselling and Guidance.

Form departures ECTS sheets