Exemptions - Procedure for bachelor students of Business Management with major in Marketing


1. How to apply for exemptions in general

You may also be eligible to apply for credits for prior learning if you hold  relevant credits from other degree programmes.

Application procedure

1. Please make sure to submit your request for exemptions with your counsellor of the BBM degree programme: stefaan.debrabandere@odisee.be

2. Allow 14 days from receipt of your full application, together with supporting paperwork, for processing.

  • You must have achieved pass in all degree modules relating to your application for credit for prior learning.
  • Your academic qualification must be less than 5 years old

3. You will be asked to provide documentation to support your credit application. All documents must be in English, French, Dutch or German. Any translations must be formally certified by the University.
    You will need to provide in hard copy:

  • Evidence of modules completed and marks/grades gained (usually a transcript)
  • Evidence of the equivalency of the  learning outcomes  (for example a content list)
    Good quality copies or scanned versions may be used. Original documents are sent at the owner’s risk.
  • You may need to include with your application the syllabuses and exam papers for each module relevant to your application.
  • From mid-August onwards more information on how to apply for exemptions can be found on the student portal student.odisee.be/en > Study > Exemptions.

2. How to apply for exemptions if you transfer from  the BBA-Programme at KULeuven

In the comparative table you will find a survey of the equivalent course units for which you can apply for exemption. The green units are courses for which you could already enroll in the second year of BBA at KULeuven.

2.1 Additional courses from the second and third Bachelor year for students with an EEA-nationality
      and non-EEA nationals with long term residency in Belgium

  • If Odisee grants you exemptions for a number of 1st bachelor year course units you can  register for a limited number of course units from the second year of the Bachelor of Business Administration at KU Leuven (2BBA) and/or from the third year of the Bachelor in het bedrijfsmanagement at Odisee  via a credit contract.  Those course units are marked with an * in the above table. If you want to register for some of these additional courses within the BBA programme, please send an e-mail to sa.brussel@kuleuven.be with ‘Credit contract BBA for BBM student’ as a subject line. If you want to follow additional courses from the Bachelor in het bedrijfsmanagement at Odisee, please send an e-mail to sa@odisee.be with ‘Credit contract Bedrijfsmanagement for BBM student’ as a subject line.
  • Those course units taken at KU Leuven will result in exemptions in your second year of the BBM.  Please do not forget to apply for exemptions in the academic year 2016-2017.
  • Please be aware that you will have to pay a tuition fee at both institutions if you register for course units at KU Leuven, next to your registration at Odisee. For each institution you will pay a fixed fee of € 230, as well as a variable fee of € 11 per credit you register for.
  • At KU Leuven students from outside the EEA, temporarily residing in Belgium as a student, cannot register for a credit contract or an exam contract only. Consequently, it is not possible for these students to register for additional courses from the BBA degree programme at KU Leuven via a credit contract.

2.2 You have already enrolled for the BBA at KULeuven (academic year 2015-2016) but you want to cancel your registration

  • Before 21st September (start of the academic year): cancellation is free.
  • From 21st September onwards: as a result of your de-registration, the fixed fee of  230 euro will be charged. Depending on your exact de-registration date, a variable fee may apply as well.

In order to cancel your registration or de-register, please visit the student administrative services centre of KU Leuven campus Brussels in person.

2.3 You were granted a student visa based on your admission to study at KU Leuven, but you want to study at Odisee.

You can only apply for aresidence permit if you have duly registered at KU Leuven.Consequently, it is not possible to register as a student of Odisee instead.

Other students that want to transfer from the BBA degree programme at KU Leuven to the BBM degree programme at Odisee University College canregister as a student of the BBM degree programme – keeping in mind the abovementioned cancellation dates and the Odisee registration deadline of 7 October -after submitting the following documents to the Odisee Student Administrative Services Centre:

  • A copy of your KU Leuven BBA admission letter
  • A copy of your ID (front & back) + a copy of your residence permit
  • A certified copy and translation into English (if not available in Dutch, French or German) of your high school diploma
  • A proof of access to higher education
  • A proof of proficiency in English  (TOEFL/IELTS)

Do you still have some questions after going through the information provided? Please contact