Account activation


STEP 1 - ODISEE account

STEP 2 - KU Leuven account

As a new student, you will receive a letter containing your Odisee account and an activation code, together with your registration documents.

                 You can activate Odisee account here.

During the activation process, you will be asked to give a personal e-mail address.                                                         
This address will be used when you forget your password and request a new activation code.         


To activate your KU Leuven account you need your student number (= userid) and the scratch card (with an activation code) that you received when you first registered.

Your student number (that starts with r, s, or m) can be found on different documents:

  • on the letter ‘Your enrollment at …’, in the top left corner, under ‘your reference’.
  • on the back of your student card. This card will be sent to you by post  from mid-September onwards.
  • On your profile page.
    In order to access this page, you have to sign in with your HUB-KAHO account. Please make sure to activate this account first! Be aware that it might take a couple of days for your student number to appear on your personal profile page.

                     You can activate your KU Leuven account here.