Digital services

Your study in ODISEE only starts succesfully when you're digitally ready. Therefor it's extremely important to activate both accounts : first your ODISEE , next your KU Leuven Account. Both accounts give access to E-mail, WIFI, Toledo, classcomputers and E-services in My Admin. These secured accounts demand strict privacy. Change password or forgot password are both important links to survive on the digital ODISEE-highway.

Most of your ICT-questions are answered on (except the educational technology further mentionned). Mail to the servicedesk (helpdesk ICT)  via Report your problems on the servicedsek site:


Educational technology is supported by the staff of ICT in Education (ICTO) :  Toledo (de digital learning platform) and  digital portfolio (N@tschool and Toledo+).
For questions, corrections or suggestions, consult  a member of the ICT-staff  or mail to

Professional Bacherlor students can view the the presentation "Introduction for students", used during introduction sessions.